Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and Punkin Patch

Liam was a cowboy this year for Halloween. We got to do two trunk-or-treats and go around the neighborhood on Halloween. He didn't get that he was supposed to say trick-or-treat till the last few houses on Halloween. He said "treat" to them and "ween" for Happy Halloween.

Also went to a farm with a punkin patch. They had all sorts of animals and some fun things for little kids to do. Liam liked the cup from the feed the best, as well as the hay stack and the tractor.

First Time in SNOW

Early October we got a lot of snow in a few hours so we braved the wind and took Liam out to play. He liked playing in it but it was so cold we came in after about 15 minutes and had hot cocoa.

Crying because we had him all bundled up. We put bags over his shoes because we hadn't got him boots yet.

Patting the snowman

Rolling the snowman with daddy

Trying to eat the snow off his ball while keeping warm from the wind

All bundled up


My little man hanging out being a cutie :)

DIY Dress

I made a dress with an idea I got from Pintrerest! It turned out pretty good but I would tweak it next time. Realized that jersey knit would be much better so I could slip it over my chest and shoulders. I got the idea from a blog about shirt dresses. I also made some great rosettes from another tutorial on pinterest.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Liam has shown a lot of interest in animals so we decided to take him to the local zoo. It just so happened to be military appreciation week so we all got in for $10! We had a lot of fun and got around the whole place in about 2 hours.

Liam meeting a giraffe for the first time
Petting the giraffe

giraffe's have REALLY long tongues

up close and personal!


Monkies that had a hard night

Meerkats (super cute in the feedbag)

Liam trying to chase the peacock on the otherside of the fence

speckled bears

Liam enjoying his bear ride

Liam and daddy walking

Lion ride

face to face with the gorilla


tired out from all the fun

Rock and Roll

Liam has a new facination with rocks. He grabbed one the other day and carried it around like a football. After awhile he started rubbing it on his cheek because it was so smooth :).

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Liam loves water. I set the sprinkler out and he kept puttin his hand in it and drinking. He also found a water bottle and kept spraying it in his mouth and all over his face for fun. He misses the Drago's pool.

Slide aka "Weee"

Got a slide for Liam at a yard sale for $5! He absolutely loves it. Everytime we open the door or mention outside he runs to the back door and yells "wee" over and over. He even ran outside barefoot and pantsless a few times to get to his beloved slide. After a few days he got too daring to let him do it by himself. Caught him going on his belly, face first and trying to walk/fly down a few times. He also tries jumping off the back side. What a daredevil! I put a tarp down in front because the woodchips gave him a sliver the other day. He was so brave when Jeff pulled it out, didn't even cry.