Sunday, May 1, 2011


Whenever I have a pop in a container with a straw Liam throws a fit for it. I finally gave im some with water in it and he was so excited. He kept tipping it and drinking from the straw.

Imagination Station

Went with my sister and her girls (plus some other ladies and their kids) to an Imagination Place for kids. It was a cute place. Liam enjoyed the ball in the air tube, he kept jumping to hold it. Liam and cousins Cassi & Libby

Liam wanted up on a chair too!

Just chillin


Found a pair of my glasses. He always wants me to put them on him. I couldn't resist, he is a hoot walking around with the on.

Back yard fun

Liam loves to go in the backyard with the puppies around dusk. He barks at the neighbor dogs with our puppies and digs in the dirt. He makes his rounds almost every night (if its not too hot). He was obsessed with this broken blinds wand. We all had to cover our eyes and cringe when he got a hold of hit cause he would swing it all over the place! He found a good use for it, to inspect the dirt.


Liam loves his Elmo! He rocks him to sleep sometimes, very sweet!

Cars chair

Got Liam a cars chair so he can lounge out and watch his shows. He LOVES it. He has become such a couch potatoe on it, puting his feet over the arms to get comfy.

Do as I'm doing

Jeff made some videos for Liam before he left and Liam loves to see his "da-da". In one video Jeff puffs his cheeks out and pops them. Liam copies him every time he see it.
Jeff reading an Elmo book