Saturday, January 22, 2011

Duck Pond

My sister Sarah and I took our little ones to a duck pond here in Temecula and fed the ducks. Liam ate the few pieces I gave him to throw so I just had him watch the girls do it after that.

Liam eating the bread

On of these things is not like the other...
We called this duck George Duckington because his hairdo
My sister Sarah and her baby Delaney Cassidy feeding the ducks
Libby feeding the ducks

11 months

Its so hard to get him to sit still long enough but I managed to get a few good ones.

Liam loves to clap

Crib Fun

Jammie time

Our nephew drew Jeff's name in the gift exchange this year and got him these awesome footie jammies!
There is even a but flap :)

Liam in his jammies Christmas Eve


Liam playing on his cousins horsie. He would hold onto the mane and get bounced. When we stopped bouning him he would swing his legs till we bounced him again.


Here are a few of the toys that Liam got for Christmas. Almost every new toy went straight to the mouth first :).

Christmas Tree

Christmas stockings...Liam will have his name on his for next year.
Went small and out of reach of Liam this year.

First time seeing the Christmas Tree

Bink and Banky

When Liam gets sleepy he wants his binki and his blankie, which we call his foofie (thanks to cousin Naomi). He loves to feel its silky side and rubs it on his face when he gets really tired.


Siamese Baby-Daddy
Fun only lasted so long
Liam loves the vacuum so Jeff took him for a ride

10 months

Started getting grumpy after a few pics :)