Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Liam has shown a lot of interest in animals so we decided to take him to the local zoo. It just so happened to be military appreciation week so we all got in for $10! We had a lot of fun and got around the whole place in about 2 hours.

Liam meeting a giraffe for the first time
Petting the giraffe

giraffe's have REALLY long tongues

up close and personal!


Monkies that had a hard night

Meerkats (super cute in the feedbag)

Liam trying to chase the peacock on the otherside of the fence

speckled bears

Liam enjoying his bear ride

Liam and daddy walking

Lion ride

face to face with the gorilla


tired out from all the fun

Rock and Roll

Liam has a new facination with rocks. He grabbed one the other day and carried it around like a football. After awhile he started rubbing it on his cheek because it was so smooth :).

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Liam loves water. I set the sprinkler out and he kept puttin his hand in it and drinking. He also found a water bottle and kept spraying it in his mouth and all over his face for fun. He misses the Drago's pool.

Slide aka "Weee"

Got a slide for Liam at a yard sale for $5! He absolutely loves it. Everytime we open the door or mention outside he runs to the back door and yells "wee" over and over. He even ran outside barefoot and pantsless a few times to get to his beloved slide. After a few days he got too daring to let him do it by himself. Caught him going on his belly, face first and trying to walk/fly down a few times. He also tries jumping off the back side. What a daredevil! I put a tarp down in front because the woodchips gave him a sliver the other day. He was so brave when Jeff pulled it out, didn't even cry.

Boot camp Graduation

Early August I flew with Liam to Georgia to attend Jeff's Turning Blue Ceremony and his graduation from boot camp. The trip there was a nightmare!

I drove 2 hours to LAX, my shuttle was late, I was 5 min too late to get my bags on my flight so they bumped me to standby on the next flight out. Two flights later I had to beg a few standbys in front of my to let me go instead. My connection flight in TX was missed and it was the LAST one to Columbus, GA for the day. I had to fly into Atlanta. I got there at midnight (3 hrs later than I would have been in Columbus). My luggage were not with me so I had to beg the baggage claim to lend me a car seat so I could take a shuttle to Columbus. It is an hour and a half but the old man driving made it about 2 1/2 hours. My car rental was closed for the night (by 3:30am) and I wasn't able to get my luggage either that time of day. So poor Liam and I slept for 2 hours at our hotel and took a taxi to the airport at 6:30am to get our car rental and my luggage. To my horror, my luggage was lost. Jeff's ceremony was at 9. I had to hurry to Walmart to get some hygiene items and had to off-road Liam's stroller to make it too Jeff's ceremony only 4 mins. late. Sadly, we were in our clothes from yesterday. This meant Liam was in a Run DMC shirt with choc. milk stains, a stain from a squished gummy, pajama shorts, and no shoes. It was embarrassing but we made it. I can't count the number of times I almost had a breakdown :).

That day I bought us some clothes so we would have something to wear to the actual graduation the next day. It was a horrible trip but it was so worth it to see Jeff and bring him home. It was a great graduation and Jeff looked so handsome!

Turning Blue Ceremony (for Infantry)

Don't judge me, I wasn't able to change or shower (up for 24 hrs too)

Graduation Ceremony

Liam looking for da da The Dragos helped make this sweet banner for Jeff.