Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Boy

Liam has a naughty streak, which is kind of cute. When he gets a hold of a pen, camera case, or anything else he knows he is not supposed to have he gets really excited. Not to mention having Elmo on in the background helps :). Here are two pics the same morning.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Morning

Liam got a bag of animal finger puppets. He LOVES to put things on his fingers so it was a hit.

These sippy cups where the best gift from the Easter Bunny. He couldn't decide which one he wanted to use more. When I put juice in there he gulped up two full cups before church! He loves his Sesame Street.

Liam had fun honking the horn of his Thomas book between sipping his cup

Easter Egg Hunts

I took Liam to the church Easter Egg Hunt and then to the community one with my sister. Liam didn't quite get the concept but he loved the candy.

Kind of a scary bunny but he was more interested in the sucker in his hand

Enjoying his sucker

Cousin Libby and Chi

Loved the eggs

Wanted both candies opened

Trying to figure out why he was carrying the basket


As most of you know, Jeff joined the Army and started Boot camp over week ago. Some of his family members were allowed to see him off. It was a very emotional day, seeing that he will be gone for close to 5 months. Liam would cry when Jeff walked away to fill out paperwork. It broke my heart thinking how he would miss out on our little guy.

We are very proud of Jeff's decision to serve our country and to support his family the best way he can. Jeff has always wanted to join and is very excited to do so finally! Good luck sweety...we already miss you tons!

Liam was sporting his army clothes and everyone thought he was adorable and kept asking if he was joining too.

Getting some rough-housing time in

A family pic before Jeff leaves. Liam fell asleep just 10 min before. Don't judge me, I was crying a lot and not wearing makeup for fear of pulling a Tammy Fae Baker

Jeff's parents, my mom, Jeff's brother and sister-in-law and of course myself and Liam attended

Fun Times

Spaghetti! Sleeping with Daddy

Jeff and Liam were talking through the balloon

The dogs and Liam were watching Daddy mow the lawn

So sweet!


Liam's first time coloring. I used a foamboard and he loved it. He did one crayon in each hand and also two in one hand. We had to stop when the carpet became his pallet of interest.


Liam loves to play in the basket!