Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diamondbacks Game

Yesterday Jeff and I drove down to super hot Phoenix to attend a Diamondbacks baseball game vs. the Atlanta Braves. I was able to get two free tickets in honor of student teaching at a school that does MacRo (a math program). We got to go down on the field beforehand and got to be up on the big screen. It was a neat experience but the game was long and we didn't do so well. I guess its nice to have done it once and experienced it.

Me up on the jumbo screen...looking like a weirdo :) (I'm in the middle in the brown shirt and khaki carpi's)
Jeff surprised to have his picture taken

Jeff and myself in the nosebleeds.

The field before the game

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  1. I think you guys were in the same area as Ethan & I when we went to a game on my free tickets from Rodel! lol :)