Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boot camp Graduation

Early August I flew with Liam to Georgia to attend Jeff's Turning Blue Ceremony and his graduation from boot camp. The trip there was a nightmare!

I drove 2 hours to LAX, my shuttle was late, I was 5 min too late to get my bags on my flight so they bumped me to standby on the next flight out. Two flights later I had to beg a few standbys in front of my to let me go instead. My connection flight in TX was missed and it was the LAST one to Columbus, GA for the day. I had to fly into Atlanta. I got there at midnight (3 hrs later than I would have been in Columbus). My luggage were not with me so I had to beg the baggage claim to lend me a car seat so I could take a shuttle to Columbus. It is an hour and a half but the old man driving made it about 2 1/2 hours. My car rental was closed for the night (by 3:30am) and I wasn't able to get my luggage either that time of day. So poor Liam and I slept for 2 hours at our hotel and took a taxi to the airport at 6:30am to get our car rental and my luggage. To my horror, my luggage was lost. Jeff's ceremony was at 9. I had to hurry to Walmart to get some hygiene items and had to off-road Liam's stroller to make it too Jeff's ceremony only 4 mins. late. Sadly, we were in our clothes from yesterday. This meant Liam was in a Run DMC shirt with choc. milk stains, a stain from a squished gummy, pajama shorts, and no shoes. It was embarrassing but we made it. I can't count the number of times I almost had a breakdown :).

That day I bought us some clothes so we would have something to wear to the actual graduation the next day. It was a horrible trip but it was so worth it to see Jeff and bring him home. It was a great graduation and Jeff looked so handsome!

Turning Blue Ceremony (for Infantry)

Don't judge me, I wasn't able to change or shower (up for 24 hrs too)

Graduation Ceremony

Liam looking for da da The Dragos helped make this sweet banner for Jeff.

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