Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Last week Jeff and I went to a church Halloween party dressed up as Sally and Mr. Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. We made the costumes from scratch,
wich was really fun. We made ourselves proud!
My work had a costume contest and a pumpking carving/decorating contest on Halloween day. I dressed up as sally again and brought Zero, the ghost dog from the movie. My efforts paid off. I won the most creative catagorie!

Here is my pumpkin that I won 1st place with at work. Jeff made the wheels, the reigns, and propped the door open. Allen made the little man and the top hat. It was a group effort though I did do the hardest part of carving and digging :).

Last night, for Halloween, Jeff's family came over for a party. Since Jeff and I worked all day and then I had to do the church carnival for an hour Allen so graciously finished cooking a lot of the goodies. He also decorated our front door with a creepy web!

Everyone dressed up. Allen went all out and dressed up with the house theme. Allen was Jack Skelington the Pumpkin King.

I love Halloween!


  1. Oh, AWESOME!!! What did you use for door hinges on your pumpkin? That was totally sweet! We didn't really have a chance to get into Halloween so much this year; it came and went and I didn't decorate anything at home! But we did have batman and Joker kids, and I was 'catwoman'. Bryan wanted to be another batman character, but he had no time to finish his costume, so he dressed up as an urban pirate. Anyway... :)

  2. Looking good guys. I just wasn't feeling Halloween this year. About as close as I came was taking my niece to the Pumpkin patch. Lame, I know. Glad to see you guys finally have this up and going.

  3. Ok I'm seriously impressed by the costumes and pumpkins. Best costumes hands down. Email me the picts so I can add them to my blog to show you off! Love, Sarah

  4. I didn't know you had a blog! Fun! LOVE the costumes. That's one of my favorite Halloween movies to watch. By the way, your mom gave a great lesson in RS last week. It was a tough topic (marriage) during a tough election (w/Prop 8). She did great!