Thursday, March 5, 2009

San Diego Fun

Jeff and I went to San Diego for the weekend...basically one day. We were able to visit my sister's family, my mom, as well as my brother's family. We always enjoy seeing the kiddies.
For some reason Cassidy started the nudey dance and all the kids decided to join in.

Naomi couldn't get enough of the Stratego pieces...we had to convince her we'd take good care so we could play with them.
This is a picture of Aubrey being shocked after getting caught picking a winner.
I love this picture, the three of them are so cute in their giant hug!
I am not even sure what the kids are doing in this picture but they thought it was hilarious. Aubrey is a big helper with her new baby cousin. The four girls trying to scrunch in on the couch.
Cassy couldn't get enough of the camera. Everytime I went to take a picture of the baby she walked in front of the camer and gave me a big smile.

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