Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Little Pinky

My whole life I have had crooked pinkies. Not only are they crooked but for some reason I can not straighten them all the way...I know what a freak. My family and I have always joked about them, telling me that I should get physical therapy to fix them.

I have come to realize just how honest kids are! I was doing flashcards with a few of the 3rd graders at school about a week ago and had something funny happen. One of the boys was doing the flashcards when he yelled out "Mrs. Meyers, there's something wrong with your pinky!" I looked at my pinky, realizing that he was referring to how crooked it was. Then, about one minute later he said still very shocked, "Seriously, I think it's broken!" I had to laugh, because to a young kid it may be scary looking. The below picture doesn't give the crookedness justice, its hard taking a picture with one hand.

1 comment:

  1. MY pinkies are like that too! They Always have been! One of them straightens out a little better now, because for a while I pulled it out straight... but, it's so not worth it. None of my kids have ever noticed, I guess that's a benefit of Kinder! :)