Saturday, August 1, 2009


This could have been the highlight of our trip to D.C. My mom, Jeff, and I drove a few hours to Pennsylvania to see Ghettysburg. We got there at 7pm, when the shop and exhibits were shutting down, but we did get to walk around and see the sites still. There was way too many monuments to remember which one was which. It was a very beautiful place to visit. We could have taken days to see the whole thing. We also got to see the house that Abraham Linclon finished the Ghettysburg Address in.

Pennsylvania Monument
I had some relative that faught from Pennsylvania. We tried looking for his name but there were thousands to go through. It was the biggest and coolest monument we saw. There were stairs inside it to go up and look out from ontop it.
Lincoln on the Pennsylvania Monument

View from ontop the Pennsylvania Monument...very pretty scenery

I believe this was the New York Monument

Monument about the Ghettysburg Address

Suspected place of the Ghettysburg Address

Mason's Monument

Memorial for Abraham Lincoln

Scenery picture...wish we had time to look for lead balls/bullets

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