Friday, October 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Jeff and I were fortunate to buy our own home in July of 2006. It is a three bedroom house that we surprisingly filled up fast. It took us a long time to finally finish the landscaping and organize the garage but it suites us well.

Jeff has become such a little old man, tending the garden, mowing the lawn, fixing the drip system, working on the hot tub, and building/maintaining the pond. He is always puttering in the backyard. The pond is Jeff's pride and joy. He researched it out and obtained a bunch of pond plants, fishies, turtles, clams, and snails. It is very relaxing to listen to and he is very proud of his creation.

Our garden was a first attempt and though most of it didn't last we had a ton of tomatoes, some cilantro, too much green onions, a good amount of raspberries, and the lettuce was out of control. We now know some better techniques for next year. I am still yet to can my tomatoes and make jam with my raspberries. We are very blessed with the things we have and are extremely happy to have the home and comforts we own.

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